Ingratitude! thou marble-hearted fiend...

“Ingratitude is treason to mankind.” James Thomson

Sunday 4 May 2014

Oh ffs, I've come back here with a dustpan and brush and it appears I need a flame thrower and an industrial vacuum. The whole Google Reader thing needs a total overhaul, I've completely forgotten how to log into my StatCounter account, my blog roll is covered in cobwebs (as is yours if this blog is on it) and the irony is that I've come back here without even have the first idea of what to say to anyone.

Is anyone even still out there?

And if so, what's up? How are you? Tell me a story...


  1. ok, bloody thing just ate my comment…let's start over, shall we?

    my story: finished grad school, spent 2 weeks in poland with grandma, came home sick and jet-lagged and packing for 2 week hiking trip with parents in utah tomorrow. new job begins on the 26th.

    so what's new with YOU?

    1. Wow, you've been busy! And you have a few busy weeks ahead. You put us all to shame really.

      I've been potted in aspic in a cool cupboard for a while. Maybe it's time to come out. I'll dry myself off and give it a go.