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Friday 14 January 2011

Stuff I thought about on the way to the post office.

I'm pretty sure there was one of these in my window when I was a kid.
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Apparently they are no longer de rigueur as people don't want perverts to know where their kids sleep.
Were there fewer perverts in the 70s? Or maybe not, but people weren't as frightened of them?
I can't think of a time when children were known in the general vernacular as 'tots.'


  1. the 50's perchance? or before?

    i must say i despise the way fear, and not nice, clean, evidence-based fear, but dumb, illiterate, irrational fear rules our society these days. but that, alas, is a topic for a long, wine-lubricated, slightly slurry-voiced, arm-waving, person-to-person discussion. i simply cannot write about this shit without getting angry and i don't want to be angry all the time about how stupid the world is.


  2. Hi!

    Yes, I suspect that conversation would involve a lot of vigorous nodding and eye rolling and, from me, a long-winded and tangential rant on consumerism. See? It's like actually being there!

  3. Your post made me inappropriatly burst out laughing about people not using
    those signs now for fear of "perverts". Do you think the Internet has
    changed anything in this regard?

    Best, Kelly

  4. I think it's fair to say the internet is a speedy, 24-hour conduit in its role in further embedding all the urgent messages of consumerism, like, be afraid! protect yourself! buy stuff and be safe! But I'm not sure if that's your question.

  5. I like the "baby on board" stickers because then I know where I can get me a baby in a pinch. I wish those would go out of fashion.

  6. Maybe it's only been in the last few years that a large number of fire fighters have been ousted as perverts?

    I think I had one of those too, although it was silver and SHINIY.

  7. btb - Probably better to have a sign that says, 'no baby on board' like those signs that say 'no money left on premises overnight' and 'no tools in van.'

    emmysuh - Yes! I think mine was silver too!