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“Ingratitude is treason to mankind.” James Thomson

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Where can I recycle some chip fat?

How is it that Heston Blumenthal isn't really very fat? I made his triple-cooked chips on Sunday and I don't know how we will not be very very fat now knowing they are in the world and can be created with nothing more than potatoes, oil, water and a pan. They have shells of delicious shattering crispness filled with creamy fondant and are well worth the extra time required. Perhaps we will get thin rejecting all the substandard chips we might otherwise eat because we now know they are just not up to the task.

In googling the recipe, I also found this, which I urge you to read. Michael Winner is such a glorious tit! And he seems to revel in his tossery, which is sort of disappointing. I always imagined he'd be ignorant of his own wankerishness and self-importance, which is the is the best sort of tit for laughing-at purposes I think, but in any case, he is entertaining in ways he could not possibly anticipate (the tape recorder bit is a highlight), and excellent value for your couple of minutes of reading time.

(Oh god, am I blogging about Michael Winner being a tit? Newsflash, someone alert the authorities, etc.. I think I got so het up about the chips that my enthusiasm got the best of me and I have rather lost my way here.)

Now that I think about it, it's rather amazing that I have lived half of my life in the US an half in the UK - two nations which have embraced fried as the sixth food group - and have never before deep-fried anything. Some skills are best left unlearned. It did make the house smell quite badly of frying fat and old people* for a day or two so I don't plan to do it again soon.

*Why? I don't know either. Ideas on a postcard please.


  1. Well, I don't know who this Michael Winner is, but I will take a look. Just wanted to say, love the new title banner!

  2. Merci!
    For context, have a little google for Mr Winner and take in the full spectrum of his achievements before you go on to enjoy his recent work as a newspaper restaurant critic.