Ingratitude! thou marble-hearted fiend...

“Ingratitude is treason to mankind.” James Thomson

Monday 1 November 2010

Early Monday morning, pre-caffeine.

Oh look, the lovely man did some washing, despite having such an early start this morning.
Poor him. Sweet.

Oh look, he has done only his own washing, about half a dozen items, completely ignoring the full basket of laundry upstairs.
Maybe from now on I will only cook my own food/run my own errands/change the sheets on my side of the bed, etc. Also, eco-huff at waste of water, electricity, etc.

Oh I see, it is pajamas.
He wanted to make sure he has all the jimjams he needs for his recovery from his surgical procedure tomorrow. Drat, I should already have had that on my list of semi-maternal nurturing stuff to do for an invalid. Must make him some healing soup. Poor him.

Oh look, it is all yellow. Like that Coldplay song.
Restitution, karma, etc. for only washing his own clothes. Also, what the hell? There appears to be nothing yellow in this laundry, specifically not even one of those dusters from hell which balls itself up to the size of a 5p coin, resisting all efforts to find and remove it from the washer, where you will next wash all your whites which will then all be yellow. 

All's well that ends well, and my clothes have lived to see another non-yellow day. Phew, I'm glad now that he ignored my stuff, which will now only be yellow where it is supposed to be.

Oh look, here are my two tops that I wanted to wear today but couldn't find. They are meant to be grey.

** Edited to add: upon rereading my second comment below (am commenting on own blog! must be stopped!), I feel I must point out that the lovely man is far more hardworking than I (I work hardest at avoiding achieving anything whereas he is ambitious, must get things done, mover and shaker, etc.) and I wouldn't like to give the impression that it was he who did the strategic incompetence trick. It was a friend of mine (you know who you are you dirty dog) who admitted he did that (red sock/white wash) so his wife would never again ask him to do the washing. **


  1. mr. monkey once washed some rather nice shirts of his with a rather red nightie of mine. the result

    "but i washed it in cold water," quoth he, all shocked, "isn't that supposed to prevent this sort of thing from happening?"

    i have NO idea where he gets his facts. i now do all the laundry.

  2. Mr TNMA knows that he has to be very careful with my laundry - we have had words.

  3. Ladies, you might like to know that I have it on good authority - from the horse's mouth as it were - that some gentlemen use selective incompetence to get out of such tedious chores. Not our gentlemen of course.

    Though I love and cherish him and he's a wonderful wonderful man, and he's going into hospital tomorrow, etc., I must admit I am quite cross about this.

  4. This is why I purposefully DO hide my laundry from family members/significant others -- DO NOT touch it. Do not wash in with your weird not put stuff in the drawer that will then come out and not be able to fit on the cat. I will do it myself.

    Hope the lovely man's hospital visit goes well and is uneventful.

  5. Yes, I went through this phase, but then found it more stressful to secrete things away and worry about whether or not I had hidden them well enough. But I remain in agreement about other people's weird stuff and inattention to detail washing-wise.

    Many thanks for your kind wishes. I'll pass them on to himself.

  6. selective incompetence, you say? hm, kind of like my "inability" to make crepes, or chicken stock...sadly, with mr. monkey working his monkey ass off and moi being largely unemployed, i am unable to keep it up and have recently made both, though not by myself and not from start to finish, so i can always revert.

    best of luck to the lovely man! i am going under the ultrasound today, in preparation for going under the knife some time in the future. health - fuck!

  7. As a single gentlemen, I always do my own wash whioh I have been doing since the age of 13 since my mother had a knack for shrinking things. Beginning this life chore at such a young age has made me a laundry fanatic and now in my new apartment (5 years now) I have my own washer and dryer which is fab and unusual for NYC. In past apartments, I luckily had a laundry room in the building so I did not have to make the dreaded trip to the filthy dirty laundromat. Now, I wash everything separately- socks with socks, kitchen towels with kitchen towels, bath towels with and so on. I would be horrified to have anyone do my laundry as it seems most people just seperate lights and dark...GHAST!!!

  8. Kelly, I seem to remember an incident involving hair ... which was not your own.

    Pleased to see that so many people are particular about their washing. I feel I'm in good company.

  9. ...and Polish Chick - I hope the ultrasound went well. Sorry to hear something is amiss.