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“Ingratitude is treason to mankind.” James Thomson

Wednesday 3 November 2010

I don't wish to offend...

...but I, like most of the rest of the world, believe all that Tea Party stuff to be nothing but transparent right-wing bollocks. And pardon me when I laugh my big fat heinie off when I hear how it is really a very moderate and centrist and "patriotic" "movement" and not at all just the foul-smelling dregs of the dark Bush years, which were themselves the foul-smelling dregs of the Reagan years, which were themselves a smear on the u-bend of history.

Oh, but (please!) do keep it coming. I love to hear about all the ways in which the President is like Hitler. I can't get enough.

(While listening to an item on the midterm elections on the Today programme this morning, I formulated an articulate and intelligent riposte to all the nonsense spewing from the stinking mouths of these morons, but then my head filled with their bile and exploded. Sorry.)

I still love you Obama! Call me.

**Edited to add - This post disappeared!! For a few minutes!! COINCIDENCE or NOT...? You decide. Or I managed to press the wrong button and cram it backwards into my saved drafts, but hey, just because I'm a liberal pinko doesn't mean I don't enjoy a conspiracy theory.


  1. oh lord, i have stopped watching the news and i think i will keep my head under a pillow for the duration of the midterm elections. yes, i am canadian, but my country is currently being run by a bush-loving right-wing dickwad and i am increasingly wondering which scandinavian country to move to once we start entering the reagan years, especially if the us moment of sanity passes. i am keeping all of my fingers and my toes crossed but i hold little hope.
    transparent right wing bollocks, you say? why, that is precisely what the average uneducated, over-opinionated and under-informed (because it's HARD) yokel eats for breakfast with a side of ketchup.

  2. OMG, the tea party. What a bunch of tools. They're the whole toolbox.

    I voted but I am not optimistic. Ugh.

  3. Polish chick, I have had the same thoughts about moving to a Scandinavian country if/when the firearms laws here change for the worse. I assume it would be Sweden, but that may just be the Abba connection.
    And your yokel comment. Funny! Because it's true! Which makes me sad! I'm all over the place here people.

    Becky - that should be their new slogan. "American needs a whole new toolbox."

  4. Bravo...the Tea Party platform is all the shit we've been hearing since Reagan- cut spending, smaller government, lower taxes (for the rich) and eventually the wealth will dribble down to the rest of us. Plus these nuts want to repeal the healthcare bill which while imperfect and not comprehensive is at least a step in the right direction. Healthcare is not a privilege.

  5. Yep - America Needs a Whole New Toolbox - I'd vote for that. But I'm in Scotland, so that's not likely to really happen.

    I am proud to say that I am supressing all info about The Tea Party. Unless it's the one with Alice and the Mad Hatter ;-)

    Ali x

  6. Curses, you indelible comments typo. That was of course meant to say "America" and not "American." And I am too vain and pedantic to let it go.

  7. Too bad about the election results and the president who isn't able to deliver on any of his campaign promises.

  8. I agree - there are too many closed minds hindering him. It's a wasted opportunity.